RD Custom Made Wrestling Boots

All your ordering info all in one place!

Ordering wrestling boots from RD Wrestling Boots is easy. We can accept orders via e-mail, phone or mail. We accept Paypal, Western Union transfers and Certifed Money Orders.

You can contact us in either of those 3 ways from the Contact page in the upper right hand corner or in the middle to the right of this section.

You will need to have your measurements handy. If you wish you can print off this. Side 1 (Link) - Side 2 (Link)

Explanation of Measurements:
1. Around the Ball - Measure around the widest part of your foot.
2. Around the Instep - Measure around your arch.
3. Around Short Heel - Measure upper arch and around the heel.
4. Around the Ankle - Measure around the ankle bone.
5. Around the Calf - Measure 12 inches up, while wearing socks.
5a. Around the Calf - Measure 14 inches up if you are ordering extra height.
6. through 8. not needed.
9. Measure from your heel to your longest toe.

Fill out the infomation on the forum we supplied, and either contact us via e-mail, snail mail or phone to process your order.

NOTE: There is no RETURNS on custom boots and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Please make any and all Money Orders/Transfers out to Ronald Davies and send all mail to our Canadian address.

Introducing our referral program!

We are proud to introduce the new referral program here that will allow customer to receive a massively discounted boot order just for telling your friends about us. Starting today, anyone who orders a pair of wrestling boots from us will be asked for a referrer (it’s ok not to have one) but once you’ve received three (3) referrals you will be offered a discount on your next boot order of fifty percent (50%)

The discounted boot order will have a maximum value of $300.00 (You pay anything above that) and it does not include shipping. Anything under $300.00 will be discounted at 50%. So for example you referred 3 people and ordered a standard pair of wrestling boots it would only cost you $115.00 +shipping!

So tell everyone how much you love your wrestling boots and don’t forget to join our Facebook group. If you need business cards please just let us know and we will get them out to you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.