RD Custom Made Wrestling Boots

For all your wrestling boot needs!

At RD Wrestling Boots, we strive to provide the best in wrestling boots, and everything associated with wrestling boots.

All of our wrestling boots are custom made to fit every foot individually. We only make wrestling boots after we have received measurements from the client to assure that the boots will be a perfect fit.

We offer three types of leather for your boots.
Basic: The toughest/strongest we have. Will never wear out.
Colours Available: Black, White and Yellow.
Patent: Just as it says, we have a limted supply of patent leather.
Colours Available: Black, White and Red!
Kid: As strong as the basic and as beautiful as the patent leather.
Colours Available: Over 125 Colours.
We also now offer a wide selection of animal print leather such as Cheeta, Alligator, Red,White,Blue and Black Snakeskin and Leapord. (Contact us for availability)

Cowboy Boots, Cutdowns and Hi-lows!

We have started to make Western Style Wrestling Boots once again! - The boots will only be 10" high, have standard soles but we will not be allowing alterations to the stitching at this time. We can however still add designs and letters to your boots. Contact
us for more infomation.

We also can make any style you wish. We can make "ankle-cut" to wingtips to knee high men's and ladies boots. We can add just about any design to any pair of wrestling boots.

If you have any questions, please feel free to request info, or if you know what your looking for, don't hesitate to ask for a leather sample. We won't send out 15 samples to 1 person, but if you know what your looking for we will gladly send you a small sample so you know what your getting.